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What if there was an app where you could design your Instagram feed. Dragging pictures around, seeing what works and what doesn’t. It would make our lives so much easier right? So let me tell you the good news, there is and it is called UNUM.

With UNUM you will get 18 grids for free so you can plan up to 18 posts. It allows you to schedule posts and reminders and also tracks your likes, comments, best hashtags, best post and best time to post. Pretty good for a free app right?

So let me tell you what exactly UNUM can do for you, because this wasn’t even everything. The best way to do this is to download the app and walk through it with me, but if you don’t want to download something you don’t know just read it first!



Let’s skip to the important part. How much will this cost me? The answer is: as much as you want. The app is free for the biggest part. This means you can totally only use the free part. I’ve been doing that and have felt no desire to upgrade my subscribtion. There are 3 kinds of subscriptions.


This will get you 18 grids and 500 photo and video uploads a month. It seems small, but everything I explain below you can access with the free subscription, so don’t worry!


This subscription is described as “plan for individuals and rising influencers”. It costs $6,50 a month and will get you 36 grids, 1000 photo and video uploads a month and access to draft feature.


You can actually win this subscription! Keep reading to find out how, but first let me explain what it contains. It costs $9,20 a month and will get you advanced analytics, 54 grids, unlimited media uploads and access to draft feature.

Home page

So when you start the app and have logged in to your Instagram account, you will see the home page. The pictures already showing, with the Instagram logo in the corner, are the ones that you have already posted. If you click on one a bar will appear.

With the arrow you can move the pictures to the side. Just tap it three times to see what it does. If you select a picture and tap the eye next to it you can temporarily hide the photo. If you want it back just tap the eye again. The last button is to hide the Instagram button on the photos you already posted to see what it will look like.

Now if you click on an empty space a new bar will appear. If you tap the plus you can add a few photos. Select a few photos and click “done” in the right corner. Don’t do too many at once, 6 at a time is the max for me. It will be harder to arrange them! If you hold them for a second you can drag and drop them all around, rearranging the pictures.

Now let’s talk about the bar that appears when you select a photo. The first option is a grid button. If you tap on it, it will divide the photo into 9 grids. You can save it and post it on Instagram that way.

The next button is the Instagram icon, allowing you to directly post it to Instagram. After that you’ll see the three parallel bars, taking you to the editing menu. I recommend using VSCO cam for editing, it is a really good and user-friendly app. I have never edited in UNUM because the options are a little limited. So the next button is a trashcan, to delete pictures. Kind of speaks for itself. And the last one, the little feather button, will allow you to caption one or multiple photos.

If you just want to switch two pictures, select them and tap the two arrows on the bar below.



You can also use the app to schedule photos automatically. Just tap the hourglass in the corner. If you ask for a reminder you will get a message when it is time to post. You can also do it for a custom post, meaning a specific photo for a specific time. Next to that is the calendar, showing you when you have the posts scheduled.




Analytics really explains itself. On the top you can see the last 12 posts and how they did. How many likes did they get and how many comments?

To track your followers you need to subscribe to the Elite plan. I don’t feel like it is necessary and there are a lot of free apps that do that exact thing for you.

The top post is below that, which I think is pretty cool. You can also see the best time to post, and which hashtags that you have used are the best ones.


Side menu

Easily overlooked and really useful. Because there are a few options you don’t need, people often overlook the sidebar. But it actually has some great features. For starters, it shows your subscription plan, which is nice because you can do some research to the plans that you pay for and if it is worth it for you.

The settings are automatically correct, but there is one thing that is easy to change. The live grid. When you post a photo, Live Grid shifts it from scheduled to post photos, which results in more space to schedule new posts. You can do it yourself but it just saves some time to change the setting.

Now the best thing ever. You can actually win the Elite Plan. UNUM will handpick a winner every week, so the chances are pretty high that at one point you will win. The requirements to enter the contest are really easy and explained very well.

Last useful thing, the tips option. It has some quick info buttons but if you like them to explain the whole app to you, you can click on full tour. They really make life easy for you!


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