Plan The Perfect Day – Easy Planning

Those amazing, perfect days. You know them right? Sleeping in, getting that well deserved coffee in the sunshine. Do nothing but read all day in that comfy chair. Usually it seems far, far, faaaaaaaaaar out of reach. Like on another continent far. But in reality, with a little planning it is not impossible at all.

“Today is a perfect day for a perfect day”

Let’s think about why on a normal day it won’t succeed. Groceries that still needs to be done. Maybe some cleaning or that one chore that you’ve been wanting to get done but never had the time for. That is why there’s usually no time for such a perfect day. But with a little planning it will be easy.

Pick a day, and mark it down if you want to. Now think of everything that usually gets done on that day. To make it easy to follow, let’s pick Thursday. Let’s say normally you would get the groceries and clean the house on Thursday. So this week, every day when you clean the house, spend an extra 20 minutes on it. Just to do it a little better than normal. So now on your day off you can skip cleaning the house, because it didn’t really get dirty. Do the groceries Wednesday evening. Maybe when you go home from work you pass a supermarket. Score! Saves you a trip. And there we go, a day for you to spend however you like it. By planning small things over a few days, getting a day off is not that hard anymore!

Now there are always those things like picking the kids up from school, walking the dogs, or getting called for work that are unavoidable. But if you change around the things that need to get done just a little bit, instead of having 30 minutes off every day you can have a few hours at once!

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