6 Quick Steps To Instagram Success – Be a Social Media Queen

My Instagram is consistently growing without spending hours. This tutorial is a little different from most ones out there. Instead of giving you a bunch of information on what you might need to do, I’m going to take you through the steps on how to make your Instagram profile look professional. So pull up your phone, get on Instagram and let’s get started!

Step 1: Public or private?

You probably already know if your profile is public or private. You might want to put it on public if it isn’t already. Potential followers want to be able to scroll through your feed and actually knowing who they are following. It creates an extra barrier for them to follow you!

If you do feel like everything is too public, create a personal account that you can keep private and post on it whatever you want without worries! But for a business account public is the way to go.


Step 2: Check your name

Is your business name the same as your Instagram username? If not, change it! It will be way easier for people to find you because they will remember your brand faster than your name.

If you do want to use your own name as your username (like me), make sure you put your brand name in the bio. Biographies are SEO friendly, so it will still pop-up!

It is always a good idea to put the social media buttons on your website and make sure that they are easy to find and catch the eye. Don’t make it too hard for your lovely readers to reach out to you!


Step 3: Biographies

Making a good biography is the easiest in a notes app. So go ahead and open it on your phone. Now we are going to write you a killer bio.

Let’s start with keywords that you want to be known for. Put lines in between them for a cleaner look. A few you can use are: coffee lover, blogger, student, traveler or try to make something funny out of it like professional food tester, etc. Get creative and describe yourself and your brand!

Using emojis is always a good idea, if you don’t overdo it. You can use them as bullet points, or to make your description look cute!

On the bottom, link to whatever you would like to promote. Your latest product, post or just the website.

After that, copy your little text, put it in the Instagram bio and you got yourself a great bio!

Step 4: Profile picture

The best thing to do is to use the same photo for every social media account. That way your followers can find you and recognize you way faster and it looks more professional. Make sure the photo is of good quality and representative of you. It can also be your logo, whatever you like!


Step 5: Business profile

Do you already have a business Facebook profile? If the answer is no, drop everything and get on Facebook right now! (And pin this post so you won’t lose it :p )

How to make a Facebook business profile

So now I am assuming that you have a Facebook page for your brand. Open up Instagram again and follow these steps:

Go to profile à settings à edit profile à Try Instagram Business Tools à Log in with Facebook

Instagram will take over the settings from your Facebook page, so if you want to change anything, go to Facebook!

If you have followed the little tour you know what making it a business account can do for you. We are going to focus on the look of our Instagram page. If you go to your profile, you see now that under your name it  will show the title that you made your Facebook page under. Something like brand, public figure or blogger. It also shows your email and ways to contact your business, making it look 10 times more legit!


Step 6: Feed

This step takes a little longer, so it is easier to read it first and then play around with it. Having a good feed is the most important thing of all. It is your first impression, so make it count. If you don’t know what I mean by this: a feed is the lay-out of your Instagram page. It is all about how the pictures look together. To do this you will need three things:


If you are a kick ass photographer who shoots the most beautiful photos then you don’t need this step. But for all of the people who are like me and just want to take a normal picture and make it into something amazing, you should totally edit. This sounds really difficult but it is actually really simple and can be done within 5 minutes. 10 seconds if you use the VSCO cam app and use it the right way.

VSCO cam is a great app for editing your photos. And when I say great it is an understatement. This app is pure gold and no this is not an advertisement. The options are endless and the results, with a little bit of skill, mind blowing. There are a lot of apps out there to edit your Instagram pictures but with Pinterest helping you it is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Oh and best of all it is totally free!

If you would like a guide or more information about the app:

Simple editing to mind blowing photos – a VSCO cam guide

Designing your feed

What if there was an app where you could design your feed. Dragging pictures around, seeing what works and what doesn’t. It would make our lives so much easier right? So let me tell you the good news, there is one. And just like VSCO, it is as expensive as you make it.

The app is called UNUM. You get 18 grids for free so you can plan up to 18 posts. It allows you to schedule posts and reminders and also tracks your likes, comments, best hashtags, best post and best time to post. Pretty good for a free app right?

So let me tell you what exactly UNUM can do for you, because this wasn’t even everything! Just click on the post below.

Plan The Perfect Instagram Feed – an UNUM Guide


Even though iPhone camera quality is  pretty good, it still looks a little unprofessional for business purposes. You don’t need a $2000, if you do some research it won’t even take more than $500. I use the Nikon D3300 with the lens that comes with it for around $460. It really makes a difference. You can also use stock photos as long as you read the terms of use to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.


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