A whole month of Instagram content. These ideas are great if you have a little creativity block, and this is already part two! Find part 1 here: 31 Ideas For Instagram – What to Post When You’re Out of Ideas.



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  1. Promote something

It could be a freebie, a new post, your email list or maybe a product. Make sure to put the link to it in your bio, so your audience can find it easily.

  1. Post from your blog

Share a little bit of a new blog post. You could do a screenshot or just show the title, and make sure that it is something that draws people in to read the actual post.

  1. Share a recourse

The best course you ever took. A post that inspired you. It can also be a service like Tailwind or Canva. Help your audience get the best!

  1. Promote others

A lot of fashion bloggers do this, so who says we can’t? Not only do you make great blogger friends along the way, you also grow the fastest together. You can do this in your story and link to the pages of others.

  1. Thank your audience

If you’re blogging for a longer time now, take a moment and thank your audience for being there. It’s a great way to connect and break the barrier between the followers and you.

  1. Giveaway

These are awesome! Run a contest or do it as a way to thank your audience. If the prize is something people reeaalllyyy want, you could do something like “follow me on these platforms” or ask them to comment on your blog post to enter the giveaway.

  1. Challenge

Ever heard of email list challenges? Or grow your Instagram in … days? If you look like an expert on a subject, this is a great way to grow and get an audience that participates.

  1. Freebie

Because who doesn’t like free stuff?

  1. Business card

Maybe not everyone who follows you knows what you have to offer. Post your business card and maybe get some new clients!

  1. Offer your services

This is a more elaborate way than the business card. Explain what you do, where you can be found or maybe a success story of one of your clients?

  1. Share a business tip

Share your secret tips! Being an authority on something helps a lot with gaining credibility and therefore gaining an audience.



  1. Desk

Desk flat lays always look great on a business page. Just make sure you clean it up a bit before taking the photo 😉

  1. Part of your home

Give them a little bit of a “behind the scenes” if you work from home. Show where you write your posts, or if you have a cooking blog, show them your kitchen! If you have an office, show them where you work! It can be as simple as that.

  1. Office supplies

Show them what you use daily. Or maybe it just looks nice on the desk.



  1. Routines

Night time routine. Writer routine. Workout routine. Beauty routine. Meal prepping routine. Do I really need to go on?

  1. Makeup look

Show them your everyday makeup look, bonus points if you mention the products.

  1. OOTD

Outfit Of The Day is a great way to get fashion brands to notice you if you are interested in that. People like Emily Rose Shannon make a lot of money by just posting their outfits on Instagram.

  1. Outfit inspiration

If you really have a fashion blog, you might want to post more than just your OOTD. You could also post people who inspire you.

  1. Monthly favorites

Monthly favorites are also a great way to get sponsored!



  1. Collage

Piccollage is a great app to make cute collages for Instagram.

  1. Flat lay

Flat lays are perfect to make your feed clean and professional.


Photos and videos

  1. Vacation pics

For some reason, the best photos get taken on vacation.

  1. Friends

Posting group photos is a great way to get extra exposure. By tagging them, the photo will also show up on their profile under “tagged”, giving you access to their followers.

  1. Selfies

Let them see your face! Take cute selfies and let your audience see who they are following.

  1. Couple goals

Couple photos are often trending for a reason. People love to drool over a perfect relationship.

  1. Aesthetic

Show them your aesthetic. It’s also perfect to show off your brand colors.

  1. Signature photos

Copy signature photos, like the girl pulling the arm of the guy behind the camera.

  1. 1 minute video

Make a 1 minute video about anything. It could be about your business, or about your pet.

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang is awesome! It makes videos look fun and cute and it is really easy to get a little creative with it.

  1. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is also an app that helps you make videos for Instagram. Just play around with it!


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